Nancy West

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If there was someone I wanted to strive to be like at CFS it would be Nancy West. She is beautiful inside and out. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her fellow CFSer or Coach; need I remind you about our wonderful Regionals Fundraiser?!

Nancy doesn't just set goals, she sets out to accomplish them. She makes all the excuses we make silly! She comes in and works hard the whole time she is there. Double days, strict diet, working on her form and accessories and even WALKING ON HER HANDS! There is nothing she cannot do.

I wish I pushed myself the way she does. She is as busy as the rest of us, mother, business owner, wife, friend, aunt etc... but she gets it done DAILY. I am proud of you and all you've accomplished at CFS.

Thank you for motivating us all at CFS Nancy. And for being the driving force behind the Lurong Paleo Challenge in September. Sign up. Lets get on Nancy's LEVEL!

Notable avchievments:

HS Walk

Strict HSPU

Kipping HSPU

BS 225

FS 185

(not to mention she's down 70 pounds!)

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