WOD for Monday, Oct 19:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Hang Squat Snatch (Position 2) 6 x 2 Begin between 65-70% Increase load as long as you can maintain control in receiving position. Repeat or deload as necessary. METCON 7 Minute AMRAP 8 Hang Power Cleans 75/115 (65/95) 6 S2OH 14 Lateral Burpee over Bar

WOD for Saturday, Oct 17:

JHOP @ 0700 class 0900 & 1000 class METCON 16 min AMRAP 15/20 Cal Bike 25 Pull-ups 50 Double unders 15 Strict Press 75/115 (65/95) I‘ll be heading over to Interchange Athletics to take part in their Barbell For Boobs fundraiser for Cindy Rodriguez! She is fighting her own personal battle with cancer. Heats begin at 0900. I am planning on being in the first heat. Please feel free to join me! - Coach Monica

COMMUNITY DAY! Trunk or Treat! 🎃

Save the date! Our next Community Day! We know that Halloween is a fun favorite of many kids and those of us that act like kids! 😊 Our Community Day will be on Oct 31! 9-11am. Plans include a spooky partner WOD, costume parade and trunk or treating! Bring your kids down for a safe trick or treat event! (Social distancing will be maintained. Event to be held outdoors. Masks allowed, but not required.) COSTUMES ENCOURAGED! 🎃 👻

WOD for Friday, Oct 16:

GWEN 15-12-9 Clean & Jerk Sets must go unbroken or go back to start. Touch and go at floor only. No re - grip. Same weight for all sets. Rest as needed between sets. (Score is finish time and total weight moved.)

WOD for Thursday, Oct 15:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Back Squat 5 x3 Working between 75-85% METCON 3 Rounds 200m Run 12 Box jumps 20/24” 9 Wall Balls 14/20# 9/10’ https://youtu.be/ZFiosv9_vis

WOD for Wednesday, Oct 14:

SKILLS PROGRESSION 4 Sets Alternating E2OM A) 5-8 Doubke DB ir KB S2OH (Go heavy) 40’ OH carry 40’ Farmer carry lunge **Increase load every round, if possible to maintain 8 reps and unbroken complex. B) 5-8 Strict Pull-u + Strict T2B Complex (May breakup after each rep, PU+T2B = 1 Rep) METCON For Time 500m Row 30 Sit-ups 300m Row 20 Abmat sit-ups 200m Row 10 Strict Sit-ups

WOD for Tuesday, Oct 13:

METCON 5 Rounds 4 Strict HSPU 12 KB Sumo DLHP (53/70) (44/60) 100m Suitcase Carry 10/12 Cal Bike Happy Handstand Push-up Tuesday!

WOD for Monday, Oct 12:

We are OPEN! Regular Schedule! (Happy Indigenous People Day!) PRIMARY STRENGTH Squat Cleans 5 x 3 Start between 70-75% Complete set within 40 secs Reset each rep, not touch and go. METCON 6-10-16 Chest to Bar Pull-ups Thrusters 75/115 (65/95) Lateral Bar Hops

WOD for Saturday, Oct 10:

JHOP at 0700! 0900 & 1000 class! METCON 3 Rounds 1 Minute Max Calorie Row 1 Minute Max Box Jumps 1 Minute Max DB Hang Squat Clean 35/50 (25/40) 1 Minute Max Push Press 35/45# (Empty bar) 1 Minute Rest SELF DEFENSE CLASS AT 11:30am-1:30pm with Coach Mike! If you did not sign up you may come to observe! (Hands on participation reserved for the 20 who signed up!)

WOD for Thursday, Oct 8:

SKILLS PROGRESSION Complete 4 sets E3MOM (12 minutes) 5 L/arm S2OH (KB or DB) 25' Overhead carry 5 L/arm S2OH 25' Front Rack Carry 5 R/arm S2OH 25' Overhead carry 5 R/Arm S2OH 25' Front Rack Carry **With remaining time in the 3 minutes, accumulate a 30 second L-Sit Hold. METCON 9 minute AMRAP 12 Alternating KB Swing 35/53# (25/45) (Alt. at shoulder height during single arm Russian Swing) 12 KB Suitcase Walking Lunge (or Reverse Step in place) 12 Push-ups

WOD for Wednesday, Oct 7:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Back Squat! Complete 5 sets of 5 reps Working between 70-75% of 1 RM Back Squat METCON 3 Rounds 7/10 Calorie Bike 12 No Squat High Wall Balls 14/20# 10/11' 6 High Wall Balls

WOD for Tuesday, Oct 6:

METCON 14 minute AMRAP 3 Right Side DB/KB Get Up 100m Suitcase Carry 3 Left Side DB/KB Get Up 100m Suitcase Carry 15 Toes to Bars

WOD for Monday, Oct 5:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Hang Power Snatch (Position 2) Complete 6 sets of 2 reps Begin between 60-70% of 1RM Snatch Increase load as long as able to receive in power position METCON 2 Rounds 250/300m Row 10 S2OH 75/115 (65/95) 12 Burpee over bar ...some great beginner's tips!

WOD for Saturday, Oct 3:

METCON 3 Rounds 20/30 Cal Bike 8 HSPU 12 T2B 16 Pistols ...Unless It’s during the WOD...gimme ALLLLL the WOD DRAMA! 😁

WOD for Friday, Oct 2:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Hang Power Clean 5 x 3 Begin at about 65-70% of 1RM C&J Build only if you can maintain control. METCON 3 Rounds 12 Alternating DB Hang Squat Snatch 35/50 (25/40) 9 Burpees 6 Strict pullups New Primary Strength Focus for the month of October! Secondary Strength Focus will be Back Squat!

WOD for Thursday, Oct 1:

METCON 23 minute AMRAP 35 Double unders 15 Pull ups 10 Shoulder to Overhead 95/135 (75/115) 400m Run 1 minute rest

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