WOD for Wednesday, Sep 30:

1 REP MAX TEST! Front Squat Complete 6 sets of 1 Work to establish a 1 Rep Max Rest 2-3 minutes between sets after you pass 85% METCON 21-15-9 Thruster 55/75 (45/65) Cal Bike You've put in the work...You got this!

WOD for Tuesday, Sep 29:

METCON 18 minute AMRAP 50/60 Cal Row 40 Sit ups 30 Pushups 15 Power Cleans 105/155 (95/135) You've already done the "studying!" Don't forget we test 1RM Front Squats Tomorrow (Wednesday)!!

WOD for Monday, Sep 28:

GYMNASTICS TEST! 8 minutes Establish max handstand hold Must stay within a 4 x 4 area (Scale to 3 attempts at a Max Wall Facing or Pike Box Handstand Hold.) METCON 3 Rounds 12 Pull ups 15 Shoulder to Overhead 75/115 (65/95) 18 Box jumps Just like the Games Athletes do it!

SATURDAY! CFS Community Day!

Come out tomorrow for our Community Day! Bring your Friends & Family! Come out to spectate or participate! Beverages and snacks, post event. Social Distancing will be maintained. Regular class at 0700, only! Please arrive between 0900-0930. See you there!

Don’t Forget!

THIS SATURDAY IS COMMUNITY DAY! Please plan on arriving between 0900-0930, we’ll be kicking off the event promptly! See You There!! (Regular class at 0700 only.)

WOD for Friday, Sep 25:

ISABEL 30 reps Snatch 95/135# ACCESSORY Complete 2-3 sets :30 L-sit 10-12 banded Hi to Low Wood Chop (ea. side) 15 Banded A’s 15 Banded T’s A "FUN" little WOD!

WOD for Thursday, Sep 24:

METCON 13 minute AMRAP > Buy in: 1 mile (Scale to 1200m run if over 9 min mile) Then in remaining time: 3 DB Thrusters 35/50 3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 6 DB Thrusters 6 C2B pull-ups 9 DB Thrusters 9 C2B pull-ups 12,12, 15,15, etc. **Score A = mile time **Score B = Rounds and reps "No. It really Was my Rest Day!"

WOD for Wednesday, Sep 23:

GYMNASTICS EMOM 4 Sets of: A) Handstand progressions Wall walk + 15-25 sec hold 20-40 sec Wall Facing HS Toe Tap 2-3 Cartwheels 2-3 Freestanding HS Hold B) 8-12 Push-up Renegade Row C) 45-60 sec Chinese Supine Plank METCON 7 minute AMRAP 5/8 Ring Dips (modify w/10 bench dips) 15 Burp Box Jump Overs 20/24” Stronger everyday.

WOD for Monday, Sep 21:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Front Squat 6 x 2 Working between 80-90% Establish a new 2RM! METCON 9-15-21 Wall balls 14/20# Alt Single DB Devil Press 35/50# (25/40)

WOD for Saturday, Sep 19:

0700 - Coach Justin's House of Pain Coach Justin sits by the fire each Friday evening sipping whiskey and plotting, er, planning a great WOD and/or Strength morning. Come and get your morning fun! 0900/1000 class GYMNASTIC EMOM A) Handstand Progressions Wall Walk + :15-:25 hold :20-:40 Wall Facing Handstand Toe Taps 2-3 Cartwheels in both directions working on the vertical 2-3 Freestanding Handstand Holds B) 6-10 DB deficit push-ups C) 12 - 16 Renegade rows D) Rest METCON 6 minute AMRAP 12/18 Cal Bike 6 Handstand push-ups

WOD for Friday, Sep 18:

JACKIE For Time 1000m Row 50 Thruster 35/45# 30 Pull-ups CORE BLAST 3 Sets :30 Hollow Hold :30 Supine Chinese Plank :60 Alternating Side Plank Rotations :30 Rest Set your time to beat or beat your last Jackie time! Happy Friday! 🎉🎉🎉

WOD for Thursday, Sep 17:

METCON 2 Rounds For Time 20 Stone lifts 93/116 (72/93) 200m Medball carry 14/20 30 Alternating DB Snatch 35/50# (25/40#) 200m DB suitcase carry Rest 3 minutes ...You Get to rest 3 minutes! 🎉

WOD for Wednesday, Sep 16:

STRENGTH 7 minutes, Build to 3 Rep Max Push Press (Bar begins empty and must come from the ground.) METCON 3 Rounds For Time 400m Run 12 Toes to Bar 6 Strict Press 75/115#(M50+ 65/95#) ...it may or may not be the WOD...but coming to CFS always puts a smile on your face!

WOD for Tuesday, Sep 15:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Front Squat Complete 5 sets of 3 Work to a strong effort of 3 Start first working set between 75-80% Finish last 2 sets with same weight METCON 4 Rounds For Time 8 wall balls 14/20 12 Box jump over 20/24"

WOD for Monday, Sep 14:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Snatch RX (Choose either A or B) A) 5 Power Snatches every minute on the minute (6 minutes). B) 6 Power Snatches every minute on the minute (5 minutes). **Complete the EMOM with the same weight working between 65-95#/95-135# OR Clean & Jerk Scaled (Choose A or B) A) 5 Clean & Jerks every minute on the minute (6 minutes). B) 6 Clean & Jerks every minute on the minute (5 minutes). **Complete the EMOM with the same weight working between 75-105#/105-155# Start out smooth and slow with the plan to take 3-5 seconds off each round by moving faster. METCON 12 Minute AMRAP 20/30 Cal Row 60 second L-sit (Accumulate time as needed. :20 sec = 1 Rep) 18 push-ups (Modify reps to 12 if

SUNDAY FunDay! Sep 13

Don't forget we have Open Gym tomorrow and B.B.D.!!! 0900-1100 Come get in and get a bit of fitness and some fun! METCON 14 minute AMRAP 12 Alternating DB Squat Snatch (35/50) 6 Bar muscle ups 30 Double Unders 100m Suitcase Carry Dale. Dog lover, good workout music selection and over all good guy.

WOD for Friday, Sep 11:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Complete 6 rounds starting every 2 minutes (E2MOM) A) RX: Snatch 1 Hang Power Snatch (Pos 1) + 1 Hang Power Snatch (Pos 2) + 2 Touch and Go Power Snatches Begin the first working set between 75/115# Increase as long as you are able to maintain control keeping each set unbroken B) Scale: Power Clean & Jerk 1 Power C & J (Pos 1) + 1 Power C & J (Pos 2) + 2 Touch and Go Power Clean & Jerk Begin at 85/125# and increase load as long as you can keep each set unbroken METCON 15-12-9-6-3 Pull-ups 10/15 Cal Bike

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