WOD for Monday, Aug 31:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Squat Clean & Jerk 8 sets of 1 working to 1 RM C&J Complete first 3 sets every 90 seconds Then take 1-2 minutes between sets METCON Open Workout 11.3 5 minute AMRAP Squat clean 110/165 (75/135) Jerk You’ve got this! - Monday 👊 💥

WOD for Saturday, Aug 22:

Regular class with Coach Justin at 0700 only! Join us for CFS COMMUNITY DAY! We will be doing two sessions (9am/10am) of SWOLE SISTER's Partner WOD! Then hang out and get to know your fellow CFS Athletes! Bring a friend to participate or to witness what CrossFit is all about! (If participating, Non-members must sign waiver.) Then join in a post WOD beverage! (Event will be held outside and social distancing will be encouraged.) Raffle fundraiser will be held with some cool prizes! See you all there!

WOD for Friday, Aug 28:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Overhead Squats (Modify to Back Squats) 6 x 1 Work to a 1 Rep Max for the day METCON 9 minute AMRAP 5 strict chin ups 7 Power Snatch 64/95# (55/75) 12 wall balls 14/20 Those Sandbag Get ups make overhead squats so ordinary...

WOD for Thursday, Aug 27:

STRENGTH Sandbag Get-up EMOM 10 minute EMOM Alternate sides every minute Increase load or use different object METCON 3 Rounds 400m run 12 box jumps 10 shoulder to overhead 75/115# (65/95#) No. Not That kind of Turkish Get up... 💁🏻

WOD for Wednesday, Aug 26:

NASTY GIRLS 3 rounds 50 air squats 7 muscle ups 10 hang power cleans 95/135# See? I’m not the only one who thinks this is Fun. 💁🏻 Check out tomorrow’s WOD video on SugarWOD! 😁

WOD for Tuesday, Aug 25:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Clean & Jerk 6 sets of 2 Squat Clean & Jerk start working sets at 80+% Build to a near 2 rep max Must complete both reps cleanly to increase weight, otherwise, deload for next 1-2 sets. METCON Tabata Assault Bike Complete 8 cycles of :20 on/:10 off (4 minutes) *Score is total calories. COACHES EVERYWHERE. 😊

WOD for Monday, Aug 24:

METCON For time: 120 Double unders 60 calorie row 30 knees time elbows 10 Strict HSPU Yup! Just. Like. That... See you there! 😁

WOD for Saturday, Aug 22:

MetCon 5 x 1 Round starting every 4th Minute 4 Shoulder to Overhead (105/155) 6 Ring Dips 12/16 Cal Bike *Time each round separately, score is slowest round of 5 sets.

WOD for Friday, Aug 21:

HARPER 23 Minute AMRAP 9 chest to bars 15 Power Cleans (95/135) 21 squats 400m run with a 25/45# plate

WOD for Thursday, Aug 20:

SECONDARY STRENGTH Overhead Squat Complete 5 sets of 3 Work up to a challenging effort for the day. METCON 21-15-9 Alt Dumbbell Snatch (35/50)(20/35) Calorie Bike/Row ... not today you won’t! 😊🏋🏼‍♂️

WOD for Wednesday, Aug 19:

METCON 27 minute AMRAP 1000m Row 15 Pushups 30 Situps 100m Farmer Carry (35/50#) ...who said, “Pretend you’re on a lake, rowing towards a picnic. Wind in your hair...” 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

WOD for Tuesday, Aug 18:

GREASE THE GROOVE 16 minute EMOM 1- 2 Skin The Cat (moving slowly as possible) 8 Suitcase Deadlift (each side) 8 Candlestick Pistols 6-10 Support Leg Lifts METCON 8 Minute AMRAP 6 Burpees 8 Toes to Bars 10 Wall Balls ...easy! No one is skinning anything! 😁 It’s a gymnastics move! 💁🏻

WOD for Monday, Aug 17

Primary Strength Squat Clean & Jerk Complete 5 sets of 2 Squat Cleans + 1 Squat Clean & Jerk Working between 80-88% of 1RM C&J METCON 5 Rounds 12 Russian KB swings (53/70)(44/53) 12 Push Press 75/115 12 Lateral Bar Hops JUMP INTO THE WEEK LIKE...

WOD for Saturday, Aug 15:

0700 Class With Coach Justin! GOAT work! Pick a lift or skill you are not the best at and want to improve. Coach will give you drills to complete and work on for 15 minutes aimed at advancing that lift/skill. METCON BARBELL AMRAP 20 minutes 10 Power Snatches (65/95) 20 Overhead Squats 30 Toes to Bar 40 Power Clean & Jerks 0900 & 1000 With Coach Hack! Come in before the heat hits and get your workout done! 🎉

WOD for Friday, Aug 14:

Grease the Groove 16 minutes 3-5 Dips (w/ 2 sec pause) 3-6 hanging legs lifts + :10-:20 L- hang after the last rep. :25 (ea. side) Low - High woodchops (kb or db 5-8 back scales MetCon “UNKNOWN TIME” AMRAP 8 lateral burpee over bar 15 deadlifts 135/205 (115/185) 30 Double unders Don’t be the one to spill the beans!

WOD for Thursday, Aug 13:

MetCon 5 rounds for time 5 bar muscle ups 5 strict handstand push-ups 5 hang clusters (95/135) (75/115) 20/25 cal bike/row 2 minute rest

WOD for Wednesday, Aug 12:

MetCon 4 Rounds 400m run 1 minute rest 500m row 1 minute rest Core Blast 3 sets of: :60 dumbbell plank pull across :30 left side glute bridge hold :30 right side glute bridge hold :60 Supine Chinese plank :60 rest Is this you? 😁

WOD for Tuesday, Aug 11:

PRIMARY STRENGTH Squat clean & jerk 5 x 3 working between 78-85% Metcon 6 minute AMRAP 12 front squats 75/115# (65/95) 12 Box jump overs And it’s Barbell Day! 🎉

WOD for Monday, Aug 10:

MetCon 5 rounds 10/15 Calorie Bike/row 40 double unders 6 Power Snatch 95/135# (M50+75/115#)

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