WOD for Tuesday, June 30:

Strength, Primary Lift: Deadlift Establish 1 Rep Max for the day in 7x1! MetCon ”GREEN MACHINE” 6 min AMRAP 5 burpees 10 American KB swings (35/53#) Well...pretty much everyone did RX+ today! (Thanks to one who will go un-named!)

WOD for Monday, June 29:

MetCon: For Time: 30/40 Cal Bike 2 minute rest 2k Row Guys! Guess what?!? Our bikes are multiplying! 😈🎉😁

Sunday FUNday!

So many great athletic accomplishments! Riding the Assault Bike 😈, climbing ropes, learning new things! Keep the ball rolling and join us tomorrow for Open gym, 9-11am! Active recovery, stretching, work on a new skill! Join us!

WOD for Saturday, June 27

MetCon *OPEN 17.2 12 minute AMRAP 2 rounds of: 50’ weighted walking lunge 16 T2B 8 power cleans Then 2 rounds of: 50’ weighted walking lunges 16 bar muscle ups 8 power cleans etc, alternating between T2B and bar muscle ups every 2 rounds. RX: M 50# dumbbells F 35# dumbbells Scaled: M 35# DB, hanging knee raises/pull-ups F: 20# DB, hanging knee raises/pull-ups Nick getting his rope climbs, RX+! Legless! 🎉💪🏼

WOD for Thursday, June 25

Secondary Strength: SNATCH **TEST** Complete 6 sets 1 Hang Snatch from above the knees. (6 x 1 from above position 2) Goal = work to 1 RM for the day. MetCon Complete 3 rounds for time: 30 double unders 12 single arm Alt. Hang Clusters*(35/50#) (M50+ 25/40#) (Cluster = Hang squat clean to thruster)

WOD for Tuesday, June 23

SKILL 3-5 Strict pull-ups 3-5 toes to bar 100m sandbag bear hug carry MetCon 200m run 6 burpee bar muscle ups New CFS athlete, John, handles today’s WOD!

WOD for Monday, June 22:

DEADLIFT Complete 5 x 3 - Build up to a challenging weight. - Complete last 2-3 sets unbroken MetCon 8 Minute AMRAP 8 Alt DB snatch (35/50#) (25/40#) 8 R/arm OH walking lunge 8 Alt DB snatch 8 L/arm OH walking lunge Start your week off right with a great workout! Don’t miss working on June’s Primary lift!

WOD for Saturday, June 19:

MetCon (Open 20.4) 30 box jumps (20/24”) 15 clean & jerks (65/95#) 30 box jumps 15 clean & jerks (85/135) 30 box jumps 10 clean & jerks (115/185) 30 single leg squats 10 clean & jerks (145/225) 30 single leg squats 5 clean & jerks (175/275) 30 single leg squats 5 clean & jerks (205/315) 20 minute time cap. Come join Coach Justin for an open gym format class at 0700! Choose between the Open 20.4 WOD or barbell focused work. (Secondary lift, Snatch, will be the focus.) Tamekia has been killing it on her fitness and nutrition! She’s not leaving anything to chance for her Chicago Marathon prep!

WOD for Friday, June 19:

MetCon: Complete 4 rounds starting every 5th minute 15/20 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski erg 12 OHS (75/115#) (M50+ 65/95) 6 Bar Muscle ups (Score = slowest round.)

WOD for Thursday, June 18:

Complete 5 rounds for time: 400m run 8 DB Devil Press (35/50#) (M50+25/40) 12 Alt Farmer Carry Box stepups (20/24”) Ruby working on her Skin the Cat! (Half the battle is being brave enough to get upside down! 💪🏼)

WOD for Wednesday, June 17:

Skill: 4 sets every 3rd minute: 1-2 Skin the Cats 100m Farmer Carry 6-10 Parallette Shoot Through MetCon: 21-15-9 (9 minute time cap) Front squat (75/115) (M50+ 65/95) Bar Facing Burps Happy Birthday to Coach Hackworth! 🎉 (Here’s a rare photo of Hack smiling! 😊)

WOD for Tuesday, June 16:

Primary Strength Deadlift Complete 5 x 4 building to a heavy set of 4 for the last two sets. MetCon 10 minute AMRAP - 600/700m Row - 12 pull-ups The Deadlift is June’s Primary strength lift. Check out this YouTube series from Juggernaut Training Systems on The Pilars of Deadlift to improve your deadlift game! https://www.jtsstrength.com/pillars-deadlift-technique/?v=7516fd43adaa

WOD for Monday, June 15

Strength: 5 sets of Snatch complex: 3 Hang Snatch (Position 2) 3 Overhead Squats Begin at 60-65% of your 1 RM Snatch and build to a QUALITY challenging effort. MetCon: 3 Rounds for time: 7 Burpees 14 Alt. DB snatch (35/50) 21 Double Unders

We Are OPEN!

Classes for the week of 06/15-20: Monday- Friday 5am, 8-9:30am (open gym), 10am, 4:30pm, 6pm Saturday 7am and 9am We will be having limited classes to allow for cleaning. We hope to be able to add more classes soon! We can’t wait to see you all!

Did you miss us as much as we missed you?!

Per Solano County, we are now allowed to hold classes again! Come join us tomorrow for Sunday Funday open gym, 9-11am, with Cindy! Get a workout in or just stop by to say, “HI!” It would be great to see you!


Saturday’s have typically had snatches programmed, however, today (Friday) had snatching; so tomorrow we will have some choices to make everyone happy with their barbell 😊 Reminder. We are awaiting guidelines and protocols for opening the gym. Please continue to check the website and social media for Monday!! WOD for 6/13/2020 Complete 5 sets of 1 working at 84-89% of your 1RM Back Squat. OR Complete 6 sets of 1 working at: 2x1 @ 78% 2x1 @ 81% 1x1 @ 83% 1x1 @ 85% **Must hit the percentages to go up.** OR Complete 6 sets of 1 working between: •2x1 @ 81% •2x1 @ 84% •1x1 @ 86% •1x1 @ 88% Then as a class: Complete 3 rounds for time •10 Kipping pull-up •10 Hand Release Push-up •200m Run

Be on the look out for re opening information

Tomorrow, Friday, Newsom will announce guidelines for gyms re-opening; please continue to check our website and social media for information. WOD for 6/12/2020 Complete 5 sets of the following complex •2 Hang Snatch from the 1st Position + 2 Overhead Squats The goal is to start working around 60-65% of your 1RM Snatch and build up to a challenging effort for working for quality Complete as many rounds as possible in 9-minutes •7/10 Calorie Bike /row/ski erg •7 Shoulder to Overhead #105/155 (M50+ 95/135) •10 Box jumps 20"/24"


WOD for 6/11/2020 Complete 4 sets of 1+1+1 working between 74-79% of your 1RM Clean & Jerk. For time: •1 Mile Run •3-minute Rest •800m Run •2-minute Rest •400m Run •1-minute Rest •200m Run

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