I miss seeing so many names, times, notes etc... in Sugar WOD. I hope you all are well. Cindy and I have tried to reach out to some, just to check in! Hope to see that board lit up tomorrow! Do 100 of anything! Stay strong y’all. WOD for 3/31/2020 ANGIE **No Equipment** For Time 50 Sandbag Cleans 75 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 125 Air Squats **Minimal Equipment** For Time 100 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 100 Push-ups 100 Sit-ups 100 Air Squats

See cfs Facebook for video how too

WOD for 3/30/2020 **No Equipment ** Complete as many rounds as possible in 20-minutes 5x30' (150 total feet) Right Sandbag Unilateral Carry / Left Suitcase Carry something heavy or awkward object 5x30' (150 total feet) Left Sandbag Unilateral Carry / Right Suitcase Carry the same heavy or awkward object 30' Broad Jumps 14 Push-up Elevation Up downs 30' Broad Jumps Buy-in with a 60 sec (Accumulated if needed) Plank before starting the AMRAP. Then, stop at minutes 7 and 14 to repeat the 60-sec Plank Or **Minimal Equipment** Complete as many rounds as possible in 20-minutes 5x30' Right DB Front Rack / Left Bumper Plate Suitcase Carry 5x30' Left DB Front Rack / Right Bumper Plate Suitcase Carry


WOD for 3/27/2020 *Warm Up* Complete as many rounds for quality in 12-minutes 25s Jumping Jacks (Switch it up form lateral to forward & Back) 10 Scapular Push-ups 8 Scorpion Kicks 6 Instep Lunges 4 Push-up + Inchworm 15-20s Front Scale Hold Each Side ***Metcon*** Fun with Tabata Tabata Ring Row or Bumper Plate Bent Over Row 1-minute rest Tabata Goblet Squat 1-minute rest Tabata Alternating DB Snatch 1-minute rest Tabata Side Plank Hip Dips (Alternate sides every 20s working interval. Complete 8 rounds at each station working 20s on and 10s off. To score this one, take the lowest score of each of the 4 movements and total them up at the end.


Visit CFS Facebook and IG for WOD demo & how too. Also, warm ups etc... Don’t get overwhelmed! The warm up is simply programmed to make sure you don’t just jump into the workout! If you don’t know a movement either: google it, YouTube it, skip it, do something else! You’ve all been members a long time to know body weight and a light jog is all you need. Don’t get stressed about unfamiliar things. We are all growing and learning in these very new times! So have fun, get sweaty, and post your workouts!! WOD for 3/26/2020 **Metcon*** Complete as many rounds as possible in 18-minutes 6 HSPU or Pike Push-up 8 Alternating Pistols 100m Sandbag Carry 15 V-ups

No running and all stuff you can do in your living room or garage!!!

In times like this it’s easy to get discouraged, to feel alone and just out of it. But the more of us do these workouts, even if alone, the more we feel like we part of something! We are still part of a wonderful community of people! So hit your 4x4:00 AMRAPs tomorrow and don’t forget to overhead squat an odd object around the house!! Corona won’t beat CFS! ***Metcon*** Complete as many rounds as possible in four 4-minute rounds. 1-minute rest between rounds 20 Bodyweight Walking Lunge (Hands behind the head) 15 Air Squats (Hands behind the head) 10 Burpees


Tomorrow you can load a duffle bag or back pack and participate! Please post pics or time lapses videos!


Tomorrows workout is near a dear to many at CFS’ heart..... so regardless of your equipment, try to do! WOD for 3/21/2020 "Danny" Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps 115 pound Push Press, 20 reps 30 Pull-ups ideas - tuck jumps, kettlebell swings, push ups

Shelter in place for Solano County

As many of you already know, a shelter in place has been issued for Solano County. That being said, we will be posting at home workouts via our website, sugarwod, and social media. To help with your at home workouts, we will be renting out equipment to members! Please come by tomorrow at 10am or 5:30pm. We trust you’ll take care of whatever you take, but we will be documenting all items checked out :) WOD for 3/19/2020 *Warm-up* Complete as many rounds for quality in 15-minutes 30s Jog out then jog back to start under 25s 20s Hollow Rock + 20s Superman Rocks 8 Samson + Instep Lunges 6 Push-up + Inchworm steps 10 Side Plank Rotations (Each Side) 10 Side Plank Toe Taps (Each Side) 5 Safety Sto


WOD for 3/18/2020 at home with no equiptment: *Warm-Up* Complete as many rounds for Quality in 10-minutes 40s Jog 5 Push-up Inchworm 10' Crab Walk (Forward & Back) 10' Bear Crawls (Forward & Back) 8-10 Thread the needle (Each side) **Strength/Gymnastic** Complete 3 rounds starting every 2nd minute on the minute (12m) A) 45-Second Hollow Hold 8-10 Bent Over Bag Row (Static Holds + Tempo reps of: 1x15s Hold at the top and then 1x10s Hold at the top and then 5-8 reps with 3s down & 3s Up B) 60-Second Supine Chinese Plank Near Max set (Cap at 15-20) of Chair Dips ***Metcon*** "Complete 10-8-6-4-2 for time: •Burpee + Lateral Bag Jump Over (Use the same bag you used in the strength) •6x25' Bag Bea

Wear green...

Check sugar WOD for home WOD WOD for 3/17/2020 Complete as many rounds as possible in 17-minutes: •35/45 Calorie Row •8 Handstand Push-ups •12 Toes-to-bar


Congrats to Joanna and John on their engagement! WOD for 3/16/2020 Snatch Complex: E2MOM Complete 1 Snatch + 1 High Hang Snatch + 1 Low Hang Snatch Attempt every 2nd Minute. Begin your first working set around 70% 1RM Snatch and gradually increase the load. Then, Complete 1 Snatch every minute on the minute for 7-minutes. 5-minutes increase the load Then, D-load the last 2-minutes to hit 2 smooth attempts. 3 rounds for time: •15 Hang Power Snatch #75/115 (M50+ #65/95) •30 Double Unders

Health & Safety info.

FYI to CFS members - As of right now, we plan to remain open and offer regular classes and run “like usual”. However, we request the following: 1. If you are at all sick or have sick children at home, please stay home. We’ve heard people “wanting to sweat it out” in the past, during this time, we cannot allow that. Stay home. Look at sugar WOD for the FIT daily workout and attempt something in your garage or living room. Having trouble finding something, direct message us via email or either social media account. 2. Wipe down any and ALL equipment used. 3. Wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. wod for 3/14/2020 run a 5k with Monica at 081

How long can you hold plank?

All! Cindy and I would like to propose a challenge!!!!!! Simply complete one MAX effort, for time, plank (on hands or elbows). Longest hold WINS a FREE test with the Body Fat Testing Truck Monday 3/16. Simply write your name and the time you held plank. Winner announced Sunday after the hero workout. Amy!! Keep it up Amy! WOD for 3/13/2020 Complete 6 sets of 1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean (from above the knee) + 1 Jerk + 1 Clean & Jerk at 70-75% of your 1RM C&J. **Increase the load to find a challenging effort for the day.** Complete as many rounds as possible in 7-minutes: •1 Shoulder-to-overhead #95/135 (M50+ #75/115) •2 Farmer Carry Walking Lunges #35/50 (M50+ #25/40) •3 Shoulder-to-overhead •4 F

She’s a COOL Karen!

Upcoming events in case you don’t read the board... 3/14 5k at 0830 at cfs (gym will be open at 0800 for warm up and mobility). Run benefits Monica’s sister (a nun) hoping to create a child care center at her facility in San Diego. 3/15 MOREY - hero workout 0930, gym open at 0900 for mobility and warm up. Come support John V pay respect to his coworker. 3/16 Body Fat Testing Truck. See board for sign ups. WOD for 3/11/2020 Complete 4 rounds starting every 5th minute: •18/21 Calorie Row •15 Box Jumps 24/20 •12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 50/35 M50+ 40/25 •9 Burpees **Rest the remaining time** Score is slowest round

Cindy and her perfect L sit!

WOD for 3/10/2020 Snatch Complex: E2MOM + EMOM A) E2MOM: Complete 4 sets starting every 2nd minute on the minute working between 65-75% of 1RM: •1st Position + 2nd Position + Float Snatch B) EMOM: Complete every minute on the minute for 5 minutes working around the same loading from part A: •1 Snatch from the ground Complete as many rounds as possible in 8-minutes of: •5 Thrusters #65/95 (M50+ #55/75) •7 Hang Power Cleans (same weight) •10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (same weight)

March 15 9:20 if anyone wants to join John V and others

We will be helping John V honor his co-worker and friend this Sunday 3/15 during open gym. All are welcome to join. Kicking off about 9:20. WOD for 3/9/2020 Complete 3 sets of: (KB or DB) •8-10 Single Arm Upright Row (each side) •50' DB or KB Overhead Carry (each side) •100m Farmer Carry **Goal is to increase the load to a challenging effort** Complete 1 round starting every minute on the minute for 10-minutes: •3-5 Strict Chin Ups •3-5 Ring Dips **Modify with 2-3 reps of each with a 3-second tempo.** Complete as many rounds as possible in 12-minutes: •45 second L-sits (accumulate time to complete the set) •10 Handstand Push-ups •16 Front Rack Walking Lunge #35/50 (M50+ #25/40)

Everyone loves chalk

WOD for 3/6/2020 find 1RM Back Squat complete 3 rounds for time of: •8 Burpees •10 Toes-to-bar •12 Alternating Pistols


FYI for all those that like a good run, or a challenge or just getting outside for a workout... 3/14 some CFSers are getting together at CFS at 8:30am to run a 5K. click here for information on the event and who it supports (Monica’s sister). https://haydenchildcare.com/hayden5k/ WOD for 3/6/2020 Complete 3 sets of: •12-16 Alternating Grasshopper •12 Glute Bridge Rotation Complete 5 sets of 3 Cleans + 2 Jerks working from 65-70% of your 1RM Clean & Jerk. **Increase the load to find a challenging effort for the day.** Complete 4 rounds for time: •100m Farmer Carry #35/50 (M50+ #25/40) •10 Handstand Push-ups

One of my favorite things about ICE - if she misses 0500, she’s comes later! She’s no quitter

WOD for 3/5/2020 Complete 5 rounds starting each movement every minute on the minute (10 min total) A) 5-8 Strict Chin Ups (modify with banded assistance or Jumping Pull-ups w/a 5-10 sec negative) B) 5-8 Ring Dips (modify with Bench Dips or box assisted) Complete 4 sets of 3 starting at 70% of your 1RM Clean and Jerk and work to a heavy triple for the day. Complete as many rounds as possible in 10-minutes: •35 Double Unders •15 Wall Balls #14/20-10' •9 Toes-to-bar

Have you signed up for body fat testing?

WOD for 3/4/2020 Complete 3 sets of: •20 sec Bird Dogs (each side) •20 sec Side Plank Toe Taps (each side) •20 sec Bird Dogs (each side) •20 sec Side Plank Rotations (each side) Complete 3 rounds of: •10-12 Alternating Cossack Squat •40-60 sec Plank A) E2MOM: Complete 5 rounds starting every 2nd minute starting around 65% of your 1RM Snatch: •1 Snatch High Pull + 2 Hang Snatch (position 1) B) EMOM: With the same weight or less than the last successful set from the E2MOM, complete every minute on the minute: •1 Snatch (from the ground) **Log each set for every E2MOM and EMOM (10 total sets)** Complete 2 rounds for time: •20/30 Calorie Bike/Row/Ski Erg •25 American Kettlebell Swings #35/53 (M

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