Labor Day Hours

Labor Day we will have 9am and 10am ONLY. WOD for 9/1/17 15 MIN AMRAP 4 DEADLIFTS 265/185 6 TOES 2 BAR 8 LUNGES 6 SIT UPS 8 LUNGES

KB Snatches

WOD for 8/31/17 5 RDS 25 DU'S 10 1 ARM SNATCHES (5 EA ARM) 1.5/1 25 SQUATS 15 PUSH UPS

Easy enough right?! :/


Working hard

"5 days a week Steph" isn't slowing down.... WOD for 8/29/17 10 MIN FOR MOBILITY TO THINK ABOUT LIFE CHOICES 24 MIN AMRAP 20LB VEST ON 20 SQUATS 10 PUSH UPS 20 LUNGES 10 GHD'S

Monday starts the week off right

A huge thank you to Newt (4:30pm regular) for cleaning up this space. It takes more than any one person to keep the gym clean, seems there is always something... SO THANK YOU FOR ON YOUR OWN, HELPING ME OUT :) WOD for 8/28/17 MARY 5 HSPU 10 PISTOLS 15 PULL UPS 20 MIN AMRAP

Saturday Fun

WOD for 8/26/17 Bench Press 3,3,3,3,3+ @ 75% WOD 30 Deadlifts 135/95 25 Front Squats 20 Shoulder to Overhead


This weekend Jhauna and some friends are competing in Moxie Madness. Their team is "Jacked in The Box" comprised of, of course Jhauna, Amber Graupner, Isaac Encinas and Dr. Joe Cooperman. Heat times for Saturday are 10:40, 1:45 and 4:05. Sunday unknown. Check here for more information and location if you wish to spectate. Good luck guys!! WOD for 8/25/2017 40 DU'S 6 ROUNDS OF CINDY 40 DU'S 4 RDS OF CINDY 40 DU'S 2 RDS OS CINDY CINDY = 5 PULL-UPS, 10 PUSH-UPS AND 15 AIR SQUATS **REMINDER TOMORROW, FRIDAY, 8/25 IS THE LAST DAY TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR FREE WEEK. COME ON IN AND CHECK IT OUT. NO RSVP NEEDED. JUST SHOW UP FOR A GREAT WORKOUT. WORRIED ABOUT GETTING TO WORK? WE HAVE SHOWERS!**

Are you WOODY or BUZZ?

Reminder we are still offering free workouts all week long! WOD for 8/24/2017 TEAMS OF 2 50 HSPU (scale: dumbbell presses, stack abmats, push-ups) / PARTNER HOLDS KB'S (2/1.5) 100 PISTOLS (scale: air squats) / PARTNER HOLDS PLANK 200 SIT UPS / PARTNER HOLDS (45/35) OVERHEAD 300 BOX JUMPS (scale: step ups) PARTNER RUNS 100M/SWITCH

First timer Ryan.

Great job to everyone who has come in and decided to try CrossFit for free. For those who haven't made it in yet, you have thru Friday to test out the waters. For those that have come in, please come at least one or two more times to get a true feel for the methodology. We welcome old faces as well, so if you've been away, please come on in!! WOD for 8/23/17 Snatch review. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 POWER SNATCH 115/85 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 BURPEES OVER THE BAR 20min time cap.

Free workout tomorrow.

Free CrossFit all week. Let us show you ANYTHING CAN BE SCALED! Get your trio ready!!! WOD for 8/22/2017 30 MIN AMRAP 3 PERSON TEAM 100 TTB (scale: knee ups or toes to post) 100 THRUSTERS 45 (scale: use a lighter bar or PVC) 200 SIT UPS 200 PUSH UPS (scale: h/r is still "rx" or incline) 400 DU'S ( scale: singles) 6X 100M SPRINTS (in a relay fashion, everyone runs 100m)

Free Week. This Week.

You did not need to attend Saturday's class to enjoy this FREE WEEK! So if you missed Saturday,come in tomorrow. You can come in more than once. Any day Monday thru Friday, to any class. Shout out to Angel, a 10am regular, for helping coach butterfly pull-ups. Great job everyone!! You are looking good. Keep up the hard work. WOD for 8/21/2017 Review Hang cleans. 20 MIN AMRAP 20 DU'S 5 HANG CLEANS 135/95 5 BAR FACING BURPEES 5 SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD

Free workout tomorrow. AND ALL NEXT WEEK.

Tomorrow is our free workout at 9am and 10am! Bring 4 people to make a whole team, or just one friend - doesn't matter! We will help you make a team! Looking forward to seeing new faces and sharing my love for CrossFit with you all. Bring water, or we have a water fountain, or you can buy a water for $1. Please arrive 5-10min early to sign a waiver. WOD for 8/19/2017 24 MIN TEAM AMRAP 1 PARTNER ROWS CALS 20/15 1 PARTNER BOX JUMPS 24/20 1 PARTNER KB SWINGS 1.5/1 1 PARTNER RESTS SWITCH ON CALORIES SCORE IS TOTAL REPS AND CALS TOGETHER

What is CrossFit?

Come try our free workout this Saturday at 9am or 10am. The next week, enjoy a free week of CrossFit. Come to any class, any day next week!! WOD for 8/18/2017 HSPU review and pull-up review. 12 MIN AMRAP 5 HSPU 20 LUNGES

Free partner/community workout this Saturday at 9am and 10am.

Don't forget to bring a friend for FREE this Saturday to our 9am or 10am class; IT WILL BE A PARTNER WORKOUT!!. We all remember what it was like starting - intimidating, thinking you needed to "get fit first" etc... help your friends out and bring them with you. Then the following week, they can come any day, to any class FOR FREE. You do not need to attend Saturday to get the following week free. WILD BILL WON THE BRONZE AT THE POLICE AND FIRE GAMES DOWN IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!! GREAT JOB BILL, WE COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF YOU :) WOD for 8/16/2017 10min to find heaviest snatch for the day 4 ROUNDS 10 POWER SNATCHES 95/65 30 DU'S


CrossFit Solano wants to invite previous members, those interested in trying CrossFit, students returning to school, moms and dads looking to take back their mornings and fitness after dropping kids off at school, and/or anyone just looking to try out our facility a FREE Saturday workout August 19th followed BY A FREE WEEK! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?! COME TO ANY CLASS, ANY DAY, MONDAY 8/21, TUESDAY 8/22, WEDNESDAY 8/23, THURSDAY 8/24 OR FRIDAY 8/25! WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU. This offer is to new and past members, so I am sorry, but punch card clients will still "check - in". You do not need to call or make an appointment, just show up, fill out a waiver, and have fun! Shout out to many CFS

Team workout Saturday


Ask and you shall receive

I have had a couple people ask me to have the Body Fat Testing Truck come back... Please note, you are to register online in advance; no binder to register! WOD for 8/11/2017 20 MIN TO REVIEW CLEANS- WORK TOWARD A HEAVY 3 TOUCH AND GO ELIZABETH 21-15-9 CLEANS 135/95 RING DIPS

Maggi is such a good cheerleader :)

Bill is headed to Southern California this weekend to participate in the Police and Fire Games. Bill has been practicing the movements and the workouts during Open gym. Currently we don't have information on where a leadership board will be posted or if the workouts will be streamed live, should we find that information, we will provide it to you via Facebook. Go give them hell Bill!! WOD for 8/10/17 15 MIN AMRAP 100 BURPEES 50 THRUSTERS 45/35 30 MU'S

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